Posted on : 2011-02-07 
Just watched, the movie,127 Hours last weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it. Its quite amazing, how difficult circumstances, bring out the hero in us. The story line is about the survival and come back of rock climber and adventure enthusiast, Aron Ralston.
Why is this movie inspiring?
Perhaps the most powerful influence on his personality is what he says to himself (Self-Talk) and believes, He constantly mentions, Dont Loose it, Dont Loose it and hence he keeps thinking about every possible solution and keeps trying it patiently and diligently.

In our daily lives as an entrepreneur as well as a professional, we face trying time, we feel demotivated, dejected and not wanting to move forward. At the recently held, Retail Leadership Summit, Mr. BS Nagesh, the head-honcho at Shoppers Stop group says, that mirroring as a technique is extremely effective during such times.

Power of Visualisations, Because he is quite thirsty, he imagines the storm, it is no ordinary feat to be stuck without food and water for five days. Visualisation helps in this case. Before embarking on any important meeting, visualisaing the desired outcome, gets you closer to it.

In one of Jim Rohn's book, I read, Everything is always created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. As a franchisee, if you visualise that your store is full of active customers, talking positive about you, OR you visualise that you are selling a lot of franchises, and qualified prospects are quite kee (Also, would recommend you to watch the Movie, Secret, you are one step closer to achieving it, than otherwise.

Always have a Plan B: B stands for Back-up / Alternative, your Back-up plan can be a life-saver. Plan B in several instances can simply be, letting people know where you plan to be. Making sure, your close ones are updated and informed. In  franchising, it could be keeping other vendors in the know, planning for emergencies, getting too many customers in too short a time (BTW, thats a great problem).

And finally, the Ability to Keep going, come-what-way, keep moving forward. Every one of us, has been in such situations. Aron's most difficult and painful moment was when he decided that he could no longer survive there, hanging in and he decided to let go of his arm.

A similar instance, at our previous company that we invested in, Flair English, we had difficult franchisees, we did not terminate them, considering that we could train / re-train, and so on. We did this for more than a year, and finally we had to take the most difficult call of letting go.

You could be in a terrible situation, where there is no way out, however, you can still emerge from it. No matter how worse a situation is, there is always a way out. The triumphant moment is all that we need to keep our focus on.