The launch of a new franchise unit is a big moment for the entire franchise organization. If the franchise unit is launched properly, it will be on the path of accelerated growth. If on the other hand, the launch is left to chance, the franchise unit will flounder for a long time.

The first 180 days of the launch are the most critical in determining the growth trajectory of the franchise unit. The common objective for both the franchisor and the franchisee should be to achieve, as a minimum, operational break-even and depending on the business model, even profitability during this period.

In this initial crucial period, while the franchisee has the ultimate responsibility to take the learning provided by the franchisor and practice it, this simple equation is obscured by emotions and feelings resulting from starting a new business.

The biggest emotion to deal with is fear. It is natural for many franchisees to have fear when beginning a new venture. Fear in terms of success or failure of the venture. There is a small portion of new franchisees who experience extreme fear and become totally petrified. They will find every excuse not to perform the functions they must as franchisees. Instead they will devote endless amounts of time doing meaningless tasks that can be performed efficiently by any member of their team instead of focusing on franchise critical functions.