Liberty Retail Revolutions, one of the leading footwear retailers, has announced plans to set up 20 new stores in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It recently opened stores in Salem, Villupuram, Coimbatore and Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Currently, it has 350 exclusive showrooms of which 100 are company-owned and the rest are franchised. According to Anupam Bansal, executive director, Liberty Retail Revolutions, “There is a huge opportunity in that market as the consumer is tired of what is available and Liberty is seen as a fresh brand. Plus, real estate pricing is better.” It has three stores in Chennai and 30 in Bangalore. It expects to invest Rs 40-50 lakh in company-owned stores. The company is also seeking potential franchisees to expand its operations. The group, which has six factories in India that can turn out 50,000 pairs every day, operates in over 25 countries including France, Italy, Germany, the US, the UK, Thailand and Qatar.