Franchise Ceylon, October 2019 (Sri- Lanka)

05-Oct-2019 08:00:00 PM

Franchise Ceylon, Colombo, 2019

5th - 6th October 2019


           Sri Lankan Franchise Industry is an untapped market and dominated by American brands and French brands mostly in sectors such as fast-food and fashion retail. The scenario has started changing now and the opportunities are available in diverse sectors of the economy and many Asian franchisors are entering the market. Until now, the Sri Lanka franchise market has witnessed supremacy of few big retail conglomerates having multi-brands in their portfolio and pre-dominantly the Master Franchisee arrangements but now the trend for small franchisees and sub-franchising is picking up.

          Currently, franchises are operating in fast foods, dine-in restaurants, auto leasing, apparel, soft drink bottling, beauty products, hotels etc. Today, the largest segment in this industry is fast food with the most few US fast food companies are already established in Sri Lanka. Big opportunities are available for all industries to capture the market, as the franchising have been considered the most successful business venture currently in Sri Lanka.