Brainy - A division of Brain Child Learning

About The Company:

BRAINY is the Sensory development program from Brain Child Learning. At BRAINY we work on the Inner and outer senses of the children making them more powerful and unleashing the power of their Brain to make them more effective. Children undergoing the BRAINY program are able to observe some of the following Benefits:


1. Better Concentration & Focus

2. Improved Performance in Academics

3. Improvement in Confidence & Personality

4. Empathy and Understanding

5. Better Retention of Learned content so that they work less and Learn more.

6. Enhanced Emotional Quotient.

7. Better Visual Processing

8. Better Observation.

Along with a host of other benefits.


BRAINY as a Business Model is a Low Investment and a High Returns Model which enables the person to enjoy and earn at the same time. Working with Kids is Happiness and Joy.


Known Brand Name

Technical Support & Training

ERP Software for ease of Operation + Training

Extensive Research & Development Benefits

Marketing and Collateral Designs

Training is Business Development

Assistance on Space Selection and Hiring of Staff

Market Acceptability

Lower Investment & Higher Returns


Investment Details
Master Investment Amount in Rs.
Rs. 40Lac - 50Lac
Single Investment Amount in Rs.
Rs. 10Lac - 20Lac
Operations Commenced On

No. Of Franchises:

Franchise Outlets

Franchise Cost:

INR 550000

Establishment in year:

Establishment in year

Area Required:

Area Required Space
800 Sq.ft


Founder Name
Mr. Jason
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